Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The After-Party Is Where It's At

Next year, can we just live broadcast the Vanity Fair Oscar Party? Because that's always where the fun seems to be happening. The dresses are better, the Dom is flowing and everyone is looking fab, relaxed, and ready to party.

{all images via Getty}


  1. I know! Even the stars are star struck there. I heard they were auctioning off tickets for charity - only about $175 per ticket. Maybe Handsome Chris can hook you up next year? :D I volunteer to be your assistant!

  2. I'm sorry - that's $175,000 per ticket!

  3. wow love the pics, especially the one of adele and barbra...love adele's dress looks more youthful than what she has worn in the past, thanks so much for doing this, love the dress changes, too bad i can't spring for that ticket price next year LOL

  4. DON looks the best. DUH.

  5. I cannot get enough of Adele. Love her!
    The Pumpkin Spot


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