Monday, May 20, 2013

Mad Men Monday - Swordfish & Summer Cocktails

It's May and the weather in Cleveland has finally given us a break. We're now enjoying a splendid late spring filled with mid-70's temps, extended days and long blissful evenings on the patio. After a few heavier and heartier dishes we were all ready for something a bit lighter and easier, that would still make for a lovely dinner. What better way to celebrate the start of patio season than with Swordfish steaks and summery cocktails made-to-order.

But first...

 A pre-dinner ride is always recommended.

Time to get the patio stocked for some new summer cocktail recipes I've been stalking on pinterest.

You must try these summer sippers. Chelsea + Tec Petaja's 'magic juice' via Design*Sponge; Grand Mariner smash via PURE; The Hopeful Spinster from Garnish with Lemon

Dinner was ridiculously easy.

Grilled swordfish with a cucumber/avocado/pomegranate seed salsa, herbed grilled corn and my go-to summer spinach pasta was complete in under 15 minutes.



  1. One word - YUM! That Magic Juice sounds especially delicious - it's officially on my Must Drink list :)

  2. That's it, I'm moving in. Grilled swordfish sounds way too delicious.

  3. Um excuse me, where is that darling bike from?? You're so cute!

  4. Everything about this post is a recipe for a magical summer night! I'm actually a huge fan of Tec Petaja's photography work. So dreamy! And I always say, with gin you just can't go wrong. :)

  5. 1. You are too cute. 2. We wanted grilled swordfish last night, but "settled" for grilled mahi mahi. Great minds and all that...

  6. Wish you were cooking for me! Photos of you on the bike are adorable! I don't remember you riding your bike as much when you were little! XXOO

  7. I need this beach cruiser!

    1. Thanks! I love mine. It's actually a city bike (thinner wheels and lighter frame than a beach cruiser.) Super easy to ride. Windsor Oxford Deluxe is the brand/model.


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